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SEG PRIME Frontlit Fabric

ITEM# 20741

SEG PRIME is a frontlit fabric designed for SEG fabric graphic applications that does not have any light source(backlit or background lighting) shine onto the back of the graphic.  SEG PRIME fabric has good opacity but does not completely block out any inconsistency in the background color.  For complete block-out of light and inconsistently colored background SEG applications, choose SEG BLOCKOUT fabric.

SEG PRIME is ideally for frontlit applications where have a completely light block-out AND consistent light-color backgrounds(e.g. White or light natural plywood or particle board color).  SEG PRIME may also work in the case of inconsistently colored background BUT is at least 1/2 inch space between the background and fabric surfaces and in the case of designs with complete ink coverage applications.

High Quality Silicone
Width of Silicone:  12mm
Thickness of Silicon:  3mm

- The shorter side of the finished(visible) dimension cannot exceed 119" or 3,022 mm;
- Dimension Ratio(longer side divided by shorter side) cannot exceed 10 or 10:1 ratio;
- Graphic size with shorter dimension exceeding 119" or 3,022 mm will require tiling but feasibility will depends on the design of the graphic.  Please contact us for more information.


Configuration / Options
SEG PRIME Frontlit Fabric Printing ONLY
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